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Did you know...

A well designed room is more than a nice looking room.

A well designed room can reduce stress on staff.

Here are 3 simple tips:

1. Signage

If residents can direct themselves to the bathroom, it may prevent accidents which both distress residents and increase staff workloads.

2. Accessories

Providing user-friendly kitchen devices may encourage clients to prepare their own food, thus freeing staff to concentrate on the less able.

3. Furnishings

Clients feel more at home with familiar objects around them. In care settings it is important that residents are able to personalise the furnishings in their rooms.

Case Studies

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How our services increase the value of your home

An empty room is an expensive room. Our consultants are on-hand to ensure you establish and achieve your goals including occupancy rates and revenue.

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A small increase in the top-up fee can result in a big increase in your revenue.

Who we work with


Appropriately designed settings accommodating challenging needs of dementia through thoughtful design.


Mid to High End Nursing Homes looking to meet complex care needs while creating functional working environments for their staff.


High class, homely environments for the delivery of personalised assistance with daily living activities.

How we work

Limited only by your imagination
Using both science and style, in that order
Executing your plans, turning them into world leading care environments

Some of the problems that we have solved

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  • Understanding the care environment
  • Function meets beauty
  • Effective Planning

About Us

  • Product Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Installation Operative
  • Interior Designer
Product Specialist

Our Product Specialists have many years of experience within the industry, which, when combined with deep product knowledge, creates an enviable combination.

Project Manager

Experienced Project Managers, who have spent many years on the tools themselves will ensure that your project is delivered to the standard you want, within the time frame available.

Installation Operative

Employed directly by Berwick, our installation operatives are living demonstration of our Code of Conduct. Quick and tidy, helpful and obliging. Always.

Interior Designer

Working with the principles espoused by leading organisations such as RNIB and Sterling University, we use both junior (lots of cool ideas) and senior (that’s experience) to come up with the ultimate look and feel.

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